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After a couple years of build up watching the individual films finally the wait is over and Avengers: Age of Ultron has hit our silver screens through a blaze of publicity.
Avengers Assemble was universally praised as one of the best movies of the modern generation and for me the joint second greatest superhero movie behind The Dark Knight Rises so Age of Ultron had a lot to do to match its predecessor.

So this film picks up well after Assemble, The Avengers have been scouring the globe looking for Loki’s sceptre (blue glow stick of doom) which has caused so many problems over many of the Marvel movies. Once foundTony Stark and Bruce Banner discover what gives the sceptre so much power and try to tap into it so Tony can start his Ultron Initiative, which is an army of Iron Men who can go to anywhere around the globe and protect against potential threats.
Of course they run into problems when they find out they don’t quite know how to handle alien technology and Ultron is born and ready to fight the Avengers and blow up the earth.

As a massive fan of the first Avengers movie I have to say how disappointed I was with Age of Ultron for many reasons. First let’s start with the bad guy Ultron a wise cracking evil Iron Man who could have been avoided if Tony Stark had simply stopped tinkering with the sceptre. I would of liked Ultron to of been more ruthless and more smart with how we went about his plan. For an android who could jump into the Internet at will it didn’t feel like he used the full extent of his powers.

For a film about superheroes it tries to tell a very human story about love and family on a personal level, which was shown through one of the Avengers showing he had a wife and two kids living on a remote farm and although it may not be bad to be a superhero with a family I did feel that this didn’t need to be shown in the Avengers movie but maybe one of the individual films that builds up to Avengers.

The love interest angle I definitely felt should have been put in an individual movie as it made no sense how the chemistry between Black Widow and the other Avenger started and maintained, especially where the other Avenger in question hasn’t has a film seven years which is a failing by Marvel. It was hard for me to connect with this part of the story given that you see Black Widow flirt with Captain America so much in The Winter Soldier you would of assumed they could become an item.

The fight scenes and jokes were as usual on point but for me I don’t judge superhero movies by that standard because the fight scenes today should always be on point and when you have Iron Man in a film you know you will get plenty of laughs.

Overall I felt like I watched a film more made towards Iron Man and didn’t need the rest of the Avengers. This was one long setup movie for Avengers: Infinity Wars which is disappointing as Avengers should be the end of the chapter from the individual movies standpoint not the continuation.

I watched Avengers Assemble three times in the cinema and everytime I felt like I could watch the film again because I loved it that much, however this time I left the screening feeling like I watched an average movie that fell short of the hype.

My rating: 3 out of 5

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