Sometimes a film comes along that makes you think about yourself, your character, your sensibilities and just generally how you view the world. I’m always thankful for these types of films especially in this day and age where superhero movies dominate the market and intelligent, thought out movies are thrown into a late night obscure showing. But once in a generation you get a film like Dear White People which I’ll say now is the most important racial movie of this generation.

This film is to me is what Do The Right Thing and Jungle Fever was to the generation before mine, it shines a bright light on race relations between white and black people and is unapologetically honest.

Its not a film that sets out to make you uncomfortable as a viewer if you are Caucasian, the film merely expresses what black people have tried to explain for decades when it comes to ignorant questions we get asked or stereotypical inappropriate jokes. The film however isn’t all about the ills of white people against black people, it goes onto to show the problems within the black race from the “your not black enough to be black” to “the lighter the skin the better”.

As a black male this film resonated with me and showed the ills of our society against and within black people. Although this film was set in an American university you feel as a viewer this film could have been set anywhere because of how well the script was written to show the problems with the races.

The most important thing is this film never attempts to preach at you and has enough humour to make you enjoy the film and that again comes from the fantastic script and skilled actors who told this story with the sensitivity that was needed.

My one regret is that this film is an independent film and although it won the prestigious Special Jury Award at last year’s Sundance Film Festival and Director Justin Simien is now recognised as one of the rising stars of Hollywood I can’t help but feel that this film will be swept under the carpet by the end of the year and won’t have the impact on society that I feel it should have.

This thought provoking, intelligent, unashamedly honest, funny, witty modern classic has enough class to keep black people happy that they have been represented in a positive light and white people can watch this and understand some of the problems black people have and although this film won’t solve racism it’s a good place to start and that’s with dialogue.

Dear Whi….forget that. Dear Everyone of all races PLEASE watch this movie!

4.5 out of 5 Rating

Duke of Peckham

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