Talented actor/comedian Eddie Griffin is set to embark on The Living Legend Tour at the Fairfield Halls this November. You can win tickets to be there with Promo Set Go too! Enter here.

Eddie Griffin is much-loved for his role in the Deuce Bigalow films and his lead role in Undercover Brother. He also starred alongside Eddie Murphy in the smash-hit movie Norbit. Eddie starred, wrote and Executive Produced his comedy special Freedom of Speech in 2007 and his most recent comedy special, You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It, premiered on Comedy Central in 2011. Eddie took a dramatic turn in June 2012 featuring in David E. Talbert’s play A Fool and His Money, in which he received rave reviews as the hero. Most recently Eddie was the voice of Richard Pryor in the animated series Black Dynamite on Adult Swim and will star in the R-rated comedy movie Mucho Dinero, written and directed by Blake Freeman.

Don’t miss Eddie Griffin in The Living Legend Tour live at Fairfield Halls, with special guests Slim and Felicity Ethnic, hosted by Kane Brown.